What people say about March Wood Project

Some feedback from service users and referrers:

• I like March Wood because I like being outside. I feel free. It teaches me a lot about things I like.

• March Wood was sick! I enjoyed everything. I enjoyed learning how to make a fire with flint & steel and hay. I got on well with the other children. Karen and Mark were nice they listened to me. When I worried about going and what would happen when I was there Karen let me visit to look round .This made me feel better I would love to go again!

• Archie was a different boy that weekend willing to participate in everything you had offer and had a really positive outlook. Generally he is such a reserved character but he really got stuck in and involved, mixing with the other children and their parents as well as you guys. It was a little confidence booster that he needed, he’s had a rough time of late and it allowed him to forget his troubles and worries for a while.
Henry well he is still talking about camping out with the animals even a few weeks after and told me how to light a bonfire just last night from what he learned with Mark.
I just want to say thank you for the great opportunity for allowing the three of us to spend quality time together with no tears or dramas, and the children could be themselves. You really made their weekend a fantastic one that will be remembered in our house for a long time to come.

• This gave the young people the opportunity to have fun whilst developing transferable skills such as following rules, team work and building relationships with their peers and leaders, all of which helped the young people with their presenting issues. The young people were also encouraged to reflect on previous risk taking behaviour and challenges they had at school.

• Karen and Mark from the project were very supportive and tailored the sessions to meet the needs of the young people attending. They ran a session on healthy eating where the young people prepared, cooked and ate food using the campfire. When one young person was too anxious to attend the project in October, Karen from the project invited him to visit with myself and his mother which resulted in him attending on two further occasions. He was a school refuser and would like to attend the project again.

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